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  Feed production technique with drying brewery mash
    Among many of the undeveloped feed sources, brewery mash is attached more attention because of abundant nutritional value and high output. In recent years, beer industry in China develops fast, there are about 800 all kinds of brewhouses all over China , and can produce brewery mash more than 1,000,000 tons, equal to feed protein of 300,000 tons. However, until now, only a small part of this brewery mash is sold as roughage feed, most is wasted, taken away by rain, or stinks up, breeding mosquitoes and flies, which causes not only great resource waste, but also serious environmental pollution. To develop and make full use of the brewery mash becomes very necessary. At present, in international market, the sales price of the brewery mash is more than 160$/ton and it is also about 1500RMB/T in China , and the market prospect is promising.

    Brewery mash is the main by-products in beer production, with moisture content of about 80%-85%, big quantity and high moisture make it difficult for delivery and utilization. So this company specially designed and developed the ¡°screw press dewatering in combination with rotary drum dryer drying¡± production line by working together with relevant design institutes and in light of the actual situation home and abroad. The production line is characterized by reliable technology, low cost, easy installation and maintenance and man-free operation, with good dewatering and drying effects. The moisture content is 65% after dehydration and is lower than 10% after drying. Test by National Feed Quality Supervision and Test Center shows that the nutrition of brewery mash after drying remains the same. It is suitable for drying viscous material such as brewery mash. This drying equipment is series products, and can meet production demand of brewhouses of different scales. For detailed information, please contact us by mail, and welcome inquire. Meantime, this company is a professional manufacturer of all kinds of dryers, welcome specialists and leaders come to our company and discuss and exchange the drying technology.
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