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Drying Equipment
Three-Layers Revolving Cylinder Dryer
Directly Heated Revolving Cylinder Dryer
Special dryer for cassava pulp and potato residue
Pasture DryerElephant Grass Dryer
Peat Dryer
Brewer's Spent Grain Dryer
Coconut Chaff Dryer
Biomass Pellet Production Line
Wood Chips Rotary Dryer
Special dryer for starch slag
Bean Dregs Dryer
Fruit residues dryer
Palm Fiber Drying Machine
Fowl dung dryer
yeast dryer
yeast dryer
Dewatering Equipment
Screw Extruding Dewaterer
brewery mash Dewaterer
Fruit residues Dewaterer
Gruffs Dewaterer
Belt dewaterer
Alternating press dewaterer
Bean dregs dewaterer
Poultry Dung Dewaterer
Cow dung Dewaterer
Fowl dung Dewaterer
Feeding equipment
Screw feeding machine
Heat source equipment
Directly heated air furnace
Gas producer
Crushing Equipment
Water drop style crusher
F50 style crusher
NO Specifications of the common equipment 1.4*10m 1.4*13m 1.4*16m Remarks
1 Daily processing capacity for drying brewers grain 8T 10T 12T Moisture content of raw material shall be less than 65%
2 Daily processing capacity for drying marcs 3T 5T 7T Moisture content of raw material shall be less than 75%
3 Total installed capacity 34kw 36kw 36kw
4 Standard coal consumption for per ton material is 280kg 280kg 280kg more than 6000 Cal.
5 Power consumption for per ton material 60 60 60
6 Labor cost 20Yuan 20Yuan 20Yuan
7 Workshop area 5mW*15m(L)*3.7m(H) 5mW*20m(L)*3.7m(H) 5mW*25m(L)*3.7m(H)  
8 Reference price *** *** ***  
Range of common specification: diameter 0.9-3, length 14-45 meters
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